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LONDON, ENGLAND, May 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

MariTrace (MariTrace / MariData / MariShield), a maritime data and analytics platform company, today announced a strategic investment of led by Oroco Capital. This strategic investment will accelerate MariTrace’s ability to build the most comprehensive maritime machine learning and AI data and analytics platform in history. In addition, it will make those insights accessible for anyone with stakes at sea.

MariTrace division MariData says its technology is trained on what it claims is the most comprehensive data set in the industry, drawing from more than 30 sources, with market information covering the last 5 years. Its technology is meant to provide faster and more accurate analysis than traditional methods, so investors can react more quickly to changes in the maritime market.

In a press statement, Oroco Capital partner Mitch Goldsteen said “Over the last few years, we’ve seen AI disrupt a number of traditional industries and shipping should be no different. The power of MariData AI technology to understand vast amounts of data that affect the movement of commodities and vessels, will unlock billions of dollars in untapped value.”