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Leading vessel intelligence company MariTrace Ltd. ( has been selected to supply vessel tracking data for Global Navigation Solutions (GNS), the world’s No. 1 navigation provider to commercial shipping. MariTrace is providing ship tracking data for the company’s new breakthrough Pay As You Sail (PAYS) service, known as VoyagerTM Open Permit.

VoyagerTM Open Permit delivers unrestricted access to Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) electronic charts, combined with Voyager route planning and navigation management software. The exciting new service allows users to pay one fixed annual fee—no matter how many electronic navigational charts (ENCs) they open, view or sail through. The annual fees are calculated by GNS’s unique pricing algorithms that use vessel tracking data and other factors to generate accurate prices tailored to each vessel in a fleet. This not only gives them a completely new way to purchase ENCs, but it also simplifies and reduces the expense of buying, managing and using ENCs.