SouthSide Container

SCT, was a well-respected and unique construction firm and manufacturer of mobile military-grade installations that were used in applications including drone command centers, forward operating bases, barracks, basic shelters and more. SCT had a full-scale construction operation complete with welding, assembly, paint and more. The business was well respected by its customers but its growth was limited due to its founders limited support team and its lack of relationships outside of its home geography. Oroco viewed the opportunity as a chance to acquire the highest quality construction company and create a platform company that could expand into other areas including disaster relief and education. Oroco established a connection with the founder/ owner and closed a control buyout in approximately 50 days.

Oroco provided strategic guidance and support to management. Assisted with all operations on a daily basis and spent four days per week on site. Oroco helped launch new products and helped secure a sizable new contract with its relationship. The passion, people and process were all things Oroco considered. It was a proud addition to the Oroco family.