The new model in private investment partnerships


Family Offices vs. Oroco

  • Large salaries vs. profit from capital appreciation
  • Not hands on vs. active partners
  • Uninterested in expansion vs. long term growth

Holding Companies vs. Oroco

  • Not hands on vs. active partners
  • No focus vs hyper focused
  • No exit vs. multiple exit options

Private Equity vs. Oroco

  • Must invest capital vs. invest in the right deals at the right time.
  • Rigid structures vs. flexible structures
  • Charge substantial fees and expenses vs. no fees or expenses
  • Other peoples money in deals vs. invest our money with our investors
  • Must sell deal vs. choose the best pathway for the company
  • Manage for investor conferences vs. manage for the long term
  • Mediocrity is investment strategy vs. long term capital appreciation
  • Pledge funds have no capital vs. dedicated source of permanent capital


We provide capital and experience to help companies in all phases of development achieve their full potential.

Our strategy is based on the following key elements: high quality people, industry expertise, value-added support, global integration and aligned incentives. Ultimately, we believe our growth-oriented model, results in stronger companies that employ the best people, are socially responsible, and deliver strong returns over the long-term.


Investment Criteria

  • Revenues: $5 million or greater
  • Profitability: demonstrated consistency
  • Demonstrated growth
  • Well respected
  • Leadership position

Funding Types

  • Majority control investments
  • Capital to fund growth
  • Capital to fund shareholder liquidity
  • Capital to pursue acquisition strategies
  • Capital to effect management buyout



Our people are committed to making a difference every day in the communities in which we live and work. Throughout our history we have strived to cultivate a culture that encourages our employees to harness their unique talents to give back to the community.

Responsible Investing

Considering the environmental, social and governance implications of our investments enables us to be good stewards of the capital committed to us by our investors as well as being good corporate citizens.

Corporate Governance

Oroco has a clear and effective framework that enables us to uphold the highest ethical and business standards across the firm. Maintaining Oroco’s good name and the good names of our investors is paramount.


We work for our investors. Oroco’s portfolio includes operations around the globe with our main focus on businesses within North America. We are always growing our footprint and that provides a strategic / competitive advantage in sourcing and executing the best deals.